Property and Building

A leader in Israel’s real estate market.

The PBC Group is one of Israel’s oldest, largest and leading real estate companies in Israel. Most of the company activities involve income generating assets and residential assets in Israel and abroad.  


Long-Term Financial Strength

(According to the Financial Statements of Q3-2023)

PBC shows long-term financial strength and stability which is best expressed as follows:

  • Equity of NIS 6.0 billion, 3.7 of which is attributed to its shareholders.
  • Investment real-estate of approx 13.7 billion NIS 
  •        . Q1-Q3 2023 income from collection of rent  - 560 million NIS.  
  • Cash Balance: 1.4 billion NIS. Its liquid balances, current cash flow, and ability to raise cash allow the Group to expand its own operations on the basis of a long-term strategy in its core field of operations - income generating assets in Israel and aroad.

Israeli Subsidiaries

PBC holds several subsidiaries, the largest of which are:  Gav-Yam (81.93% holdings), which is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, is one of Israel’s largest and most stable real-estate Groups. Its primary activities involve hi-tech parks and offices. Among other things, Gav-Yam is also engaged in the management and maintenance of existing structures and in the initiation of new projects on lands that are owned by it. Nave-Gad (100% holdings) is engaged in the planning, development and construction of quality residential neighborhoods. All neighborhoods are constructed as unique all-inclusive “residential parks” that include various components of full environmental development and associated community services (public parks, trails, pavements and parking lots).


Global Operations

The Group’s foreign operations involve income generating assets in the U.S.A. The company holds income generating assets, the primary of which are the HSBC Tower in New York’s 5th Avenue. 

Generation of Value

The company’s financial abilities and extensive experience support its strategy for expansion and enable it to focus on the development and purchasing of high-quality income generating assets in both Israel and abroad, with emphasis on maintaining a solid and stable business profile. The Group’s value generation activities primarily focus on the generation of internal value by development and construction on land that is owned by it the Group and by maintaining income generating assets, primarily by acquisition of such assets at the correct time and location and their betterment under management of the Group. One such example is the HSBC building in New York.  


Community Involvement

The company considers social involvement and provision of assistance to the Israeli public as a cause of the highest regard and believes in responsibility of the country’s business sector towards its public, all out of belief that business leadership goes hand in hand with social responsibility and values. The company has chosen to concentrate most efforts in the support of education, pedagogic and culture related projects.